We are looking for previously unpublished creative writing of the highest quality. This includes your best literary work: traditional, experimental or somewhere in between. This includes genre work of all sorts. This includes your attempt to redefine literature or find your own place within its long history. Whether it’s you or your characters who are working to make a living, we’re looking forward to reading about it.

We ask a few things:

1/ That it is the very best work that you can do. We don’t want your drafts or your weak stuff; we want you, the industry and our journal to be represented by the very best creative work.

2/ That whatever you send, it fits into our theme of work. While in our formation we primarily spotlighted the service and hospitality industry, we are interested in any of the non-academic, non-writing jobs that you or your characters take. We’re also open to publishing great work that doesn’t fit into this theme coming from writers who sustain themselves in marginalized industries. (Mention it in your cover letter if this is the case.)

Accepted pieces will be published at, and all published writing will be considered for the annual digital anthology.