Editor-in-Chief: Anthony Moll

Anthony was raised the son of a server. He worked in various service and hospitality jobs before running off to the Army, including: busboy, pizza guy, game room attendant at Chuck E. Cheese’s, barista, and Toys-R-Us “associate.” He does his absolute best not to be a dick to folks in service and hospitality jobs, and calls his friends out when they are. Anthony has degrees in communication studies and humanities, and is currently attending the MFA program at University of Baltimore.

Managing Editor: Sharea Harris

HarrisAt three years old she asked a bank manager to give her a job. He, amused, asked what she could do. ” I can type! ” After an on spot interview she was turned down due to potential child labor issues. Twenty three years later Sharea Harris boasts an eclectic resume from NASA to Apple Retail and one unbearable year long penance in a place she refers to only as “paper hell.” Navigating life as an MFA student at the University of Baltimore, Sharea attempts to work from the motto,” If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. ” It’s a working goal; in order to keep everything else working (the internet, electricity – water) she’s staring between the slim space in her schedule and part time applications. Regardless, Sharea is thrilled to be Managing Editor of Industry Night, where someone finally cares that she can type!

Poetry Editor: Mychael Zulauf

ZulaufMychael Zulauf has occupied a number of service jobs: barista, delivery driver for Papa John’s, summer camp counselor…and he would very much like to not deal with people anymore. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in English (and a minor in Film Studies), Mychael hoofed it through most of the Southern states while lugging a U-Haul trailer he affectionately dubbed “Josstle Whedon” to Baltimore to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing (and Publishing Arts) at the University of Baltimore. He has also, thanks to his own experience and many of his friends’ service industry horror stories, become an extremely generous tipper.

Fiction Editor: Ian Anderson

Portrait Ian AndersonIan Anderson was born in Philadelphia, raised in New Jersey, and lives in Baltimore. He is a writer, a teacher, a lover, a student, and a mistake that everyone makes at least once. Ian worked his way out of a brick-face basement as a dishwasher (where he once put out a kitchen fire), to a busboy, all the way to waiter. He preferred being a busboy. Ian Anderson graduated with honors from Salisbury University in 2009 with a degree he has never used, and never plans to. His diploma is beautifully framed, and elegantly displayed in a box of things marked “stuff.”

Social Media Manager: Ann Marie Brokmeier

Portrait Ann Marie BrokmeierAnn Marie’s day job is social media manager/administrative assistant for a giant in the hospitality industry. She has worked as a hotel front desk agent, hotel phone operator, fitness center attendant, server, retail worker and grocery bagger. Her first job was as a newspaper girl (on foot). She knows firsthand the real difference between a 15% and 20% tip, and how much a customer’s feedback can sway the course of a day in either direction. She has a degree in social science/psychology and is working toward a M.S. in applied psychology (counseling) at University of Baltimore.