Industry Night is an online literary journal focused on the work we humans do to sustain ourselves.  This theme is a guide, not a commandment. The journal is a place to explore, celebrate, and condemn, through literature, the themes of work, service, and hospitality.

Born on Labor Day 2012, the journal publishes new literary work each week, and has plans to publish a digital anthology each year.

We publish written work of the highest quality, beautiful prose and verse related to work: how it defines us, how it sustains us, and the complicated relationships that we (and our characters) have with it. We seek out those great essays hidden in your bag on the bottom of the housekeeping cart. We publish the poems you jotted in your french-fry stained journal. Stories about the young poet discovered while bussing in D.C. Whether it’s you or your characters who are working to make a living, we’re looking forward to reading about it.

Have questions or need to get a hold of us? Send us an email at INLitMag@gmail.com
(Do not send submissions to this account; they will be deleted unread. To submit, please use our submissions portal.)