Appropriate Notice

You may have noticed that we’ve been on a rather long hiatus from publishing new creative work.

The truth is that, like the rest of you, we all got bogged down by the business of paying the bills. That, paired with the post-MFA hustle of getting our own work out there, meant that we had to put Industry Night on the shelf for a bit.

And now it is time to pack it all up. After several long talks over coffee and spirits, we here at Industry Night have decided that it is in our best interest to shutter IN for good. We’re so happy that we had the chance to work with all of our writers, and we thank everyone who took the time to read. It’s been a tremendous privilege.

There’s a good chance that we’ll be reaching out to our writers in the coming months for the sake of one final hurrah – a hand-made anthology of the work published by our poetry editor’s publishing project, akinoga press. We’ll be sure to let the world know when all of that comes together.

If you’re interested in staying in touch with our editorial team, we can be reached at the following social media, and we would love to hear from you:

Anthony M. – Tw: @anthonywmoll ; Tumblr:
Ann Marie B. – Tw: @annmariebrok
Mychael Z. – Tw: @mychaelzulauf ; Tumblr:
Ian A. – Tw: @IanAndersonEtc

Thanks for a few great years. It really was lovely.

Editor, Anthony Moll