Dylan Kinnett — Housekeeping!

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Dylan Kinnett

A syringe in room 212
is lodged deep underneath
the cracked plastic vent
of the radiator,
beneath the window.
Don’t touch a syringe:
company policy.
So, visit housekeeping closet
in the basement
to get the kit,
the one with
“biohazard” written on it.
Tug rubber gloves.
Grab tongs.
Pick the syringe up,
and stash it in the bag.

The bag which has a color
brighter than any other color,
in all the rooms along the hall,
I clean them all, each day,
fifteen minutes apiece.
Each little mess is unique, contained
as the individuals, the customers
behind each numbered door
“This is housekeeping.”
This means rent money.

Dylan Kinnett holds a BA in writing from Maryville College. He has work published or performed by Welter, Otoliths, Annex Theater, and others. He lives and works in Baltimore Maryland.