Tim Paggi — 2 Poems

As we stated Monday, The release event for Tim’s new chapbook is tomorrow, 30 January, 2014, at The Crown in Baltimore, Maryland. For more details, visit the the Facebook event page. Don’t miss it!

 Poetry image

by Tim Paggi

“How do you define your worth?”
asked the woman with day-glo eyes.
From my valise I provided
pie-charts of victimization,
power-points of ruthless dread.
I smiled to win her trust.
I wiped blood from my fingers
and onto my khakis.
She showed me her cauldron,
tiger skulls of black ink,
gray cabinets of bone.
She showed me the Helpdesk,
where she sacrifices youth,
and welcomed me to the team.


A black figure in the mist
entombs me in marketing where I graphically design
the layout of my ashcan.
A managerial skull
by micro-incantation
commands me to perform
the data entry of the worms.
Again, then again my love–
I’ll do your dishes in silence,
I’ll cook and perform dayjobs
if my effort might slow your dread
for one thought in a million.

The Baltimore Sun once wrote of Tim Paggi: “When Tim Paggi is asked if he has ever experienced ghost phenomena, he will always say yes.” His new chapbook collection, Work Ethic, is available now from Ink Press Productions.